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Our mission is to create bridges between cultures by facilitating meaningful communication, fostering mutual acceptance and encouraging an environment of multi-cultural acceptance and pride as we help sustain mutual respect of traditions and practices that have been passed down from one generation to another. Our underlying goal is to provide an outlet for the bi-cultural youth to find a level of acceptance of who they are in today’s complex global environment. We accomplish this by leveraging our online platform to promote artistic talent in our DESI community, specializing in DESI infusion apparel, and by providing professional resources to support our community members as they navigate some of the conflicting perceptions that hinder our ability to function in peace. Shaping a healthy identity in today’s complex global environment can be challenging and confusing, DESIROOT.ORG will serve as a corner stone to creating bridges.
Ruby Raju
Ruby Raju, Founder and Director
The genesis of DESIROOT.ORG lies in my youth as a first-generation child of a bi-cultural
family living in America. I was proud of my ‘curry’ background, but I also had a deep yearning
to move forward; to explore my emerging identity; and to take advantage of the possibilities that
life in this country had to offer me. I knew that I had a unique opportunity to break through some
of the taboo barriers and stereotypes that have held multicultural youth back from reaching their
potential in new environments and that, if I were successful, I could serve as an example for
other young girls and boys who are facing the same dilemmas while shaping their lives.
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